The Change Series – changing your MIND

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As a man thinketh so is heThere has never been anything more true than this fact, from the book of Proverbs. Author Napolean Hill even named a book inspired by this verse, on the subject matter of ”the mind’.

Everything that you do begins with a thought. Your words and actions reveal the kinds of thoughts that have made up your mental paradigms – or your mindset. If you understand that what has been programmed into your mind determines the kind of life you have then you will be careful to purposely choose the kinds of thoughts you habitually meditate upon.

What is meditation? Put simply, it is thinking about a specific thought or idea, for a long period of time until it becomes part of your sub conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the brain that stores every bit of information  – and it does not know the difference between a lie and the truth. So if you constantly have thoughts such as , “you are a loser, you will never make it, you keep failing, you always attract bad relationships” it will work overtime to make sure that you attract those thing! Remember that we live in a field of quantum physics and our thoughts go out into the field as magnets. So they attract experiences exactly like they are!

In a perfect world, how do you see yourself? How do you see your life? How do you see your health and quality of relationships. I would like you to stop for a few minutes and complete this mini exercise. I call it the Life Matters Exercise because it covers the most important questions you need to ask yourself every year. Ideally, find a quiet space so that you will not be disturbed and do not allow any past experience or what you believe about life to influence the answers.

Life Matters Exercise

This should be answered in the present tense as if you are the person you wish to become in future. DO NOT base any of your answers on your present circumstances or your mind will produce the same results!


1. How is your relationship with God?

2. How often do you talk to Him?

3. Describe how his peace has changed the quality of your life.

4. How has your self esteem changed since finding out from His Word what he thinks of you?

5. how does your soul feel?

6. How is your life affected because of honing your spirit?


Describe how you see your finances.

1. How much money do you have in your current account?

2. How much do you have in savings?

3. What investments do you have?

4. How many streams of passive income do you have?

5. What is your credit score?

6. What sorts of things can you afford?

7. How much do you give to charity?

8. How often do you sow seeds or give offerings at church (if you’re a Christian)

9. How is your emotional state due to the kind of money you have and the quality of life it affords you?

10. Which currency do you earn your income?


1. How much do you weight?

2. What is your body fat percentage and muscle mass percentage?

3. What does your skin look like?

4. How does your body feel on a daily basis?

5. What kinds of food do you eat?

6. Do you receive compliments because of your physique?

7. What is your emotional state in relation to how your body looks and feels?

8. How often do you work out?


1. Describe your spouse (intellect, spirituality,personality,everything)

2. How are your relationships with your parents?

3. How are your relationships with your siblings?

4. Do you have a fulfilling relationship with yourself?

5. How do you get along with your colleagues?

Now that you have your answers, you need to make a plan to actually fulfill these goals.

  • Make it a fact to learn as much as you can on all areas we have covered. So for example, if one of your answers is to have 3 streams of passive income, go and find out the different types, pick one and start.
  • Find a mentor. Not just a passive mentor like the people you follow on YouTube, but actual mentors who have created the results you wants. It’s a known fact that having a mentor causes you to get there in half the amount of time it would take than doing it by yourself.
  • Focus on your personal development more than anything else. You attract success and the things you want by the person you become. I would suggest reading books and listening to teachings by the following people: The late Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki and many more.
  • Create a plan – decide when you want to see these results. It takes time to change but it is worth it. Never be hard on yourself and reward yourself for small victories. If you want to change your life you have to change the system in how it is run. The points that I mentioned above will sow new habits into your schedule that will cause you to propel forward.

The change series

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Happy 2017! Yes I have said this the second month of the year but better late than never right?

This year I want to focus on personal change. I’m doing this because I understand  life works in seasons and sometimes we go through dips that can last up to many years and it often affects us. I want you to know however, that with God it is never too late to revive anything dead in your life. I don’t care what you have gone through; as long as you get up the next day, His mercies for you are new. So this year we are focusing on personal change. I will be talking about change strategies that will lead you to become the person you need to be to attract the life you want.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and remember, that your Creator only has good plans for you, but you must give Him a chance. “For I know the thoughts and plans I have for you. Plans for good and not for evil. To give you a hope in your final outcome” Jeremiah 29:11.

HELP! I dont know what I dont know!

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goalsWhat you don’t know WILL kill you. I am not talking about trying to find out what a partner is up to behind your back but about your life. Far too many people live on autopilot instead of being deliberate; you know, get up, go to work or to your business, complete your tasks, work hard, play, hope to get a raise, save for a ‘rainy’day, put money in your retirement account (if you have one) and then try to make sense of life.

I call that living on autopilot because 95% of people who fall under this category do not have. And if you do not have goals then you will build the dream of someone who dares. Hard reality but its true. To be honest, the world changes so much that we need to know what is happening so that we can keep up and win, rather than fall behind.

Look at the economy of our beloved country Botswana; individuals are being laid off at a blink of an eye, the cost of living is rising while salaries are getting lower and there are more young people who are dissatisfied and desperate. Desperate for answers. Desperate to earn a living. Desperate for dignity. Desperate for change.

Here’s what I’ve learned the most painful way in my 20s (well Im now 29 and I am doing things differently). Nobody is responsible for your success. and you will not get what you want from chasing after it. To do so is not wise because it is not out there, but it begins with you. Money and general prosperity begins with how you think things work. Please read that again.

When I said earlier that I learned the hard way I meant that there are certain ways things work. I’ve tried and I’ve made errors. But now I know the path I am taking so here is what I can advise you to focus on. I encourage you also to do your own independent research.

  1. Set 5,10,15 and 20 year goals: this is very important because you have to write these down so you know which direction you are headed. You can modify them as you go along but if you do not have a plan someone else’s plan will have you.
  2. Learn success habits that will turn your goals into reality: I now spend hours a week listening to personal development recordings, speaking to my mentor and building in the habits I need to accomplish my dreams. It is not easy but so far I have noticed a change in myself.
  3. Find out about investment strategies that work: You will be shocked to discover that if you can raise a certain amount of money and begin long – term investing with well reputed investment managers, and you are consistent and stick to your plan, you can get passive income years from now.
  4. Get multiple streams of passive income: Take time to see what you enjoy doing. You can try network marketing, making money online, real estate… the list is endless but of course you must do your research and be wise. The aim is to spend a few years setting up the systems so that you can live off of the income for the rest of your life.
  5. Save for short-term, not long-term: Please do not make the mistake of thinking that your savings are going to provide your retirement money. Savings are a short-term solution and should often be used as capital to invest.
  6. Set your kids up: Before you have children I encourage you to set up a trust for that child, if possible. Or while your child is still young do so. That trust will set them up to start something of their own once they are at an appropriate age and certain level of maturity and will save them the indignity of begging someone else to give them an income.

There are many more things that you should know but these are my top 6 rules that I swear by.

Drop your thoughts!








Your Definition of Success?

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What is your definition of success? First let me share mine. For me, SUCCESS is when I smile at the end of the day because I have used my  gifts endowed to me by my fabulous Creator to make a difference in someone’s life while making a fresh buck! (Chuckles) Seriously, when I think of myself as successful I imagine turning what I love into an enterprise while transforming lives, with a loving hubby and cute kids.

What is YOUR definition of success? Do you have a vision for your life? Are you willing to work towards that vision? Have you thought of goals that you can implement to see that vision come to pass?

Please do not let life happen to you because you can literally write your own story. Did you know that because of the universal principles that God has set, whether you work with or against them you will still get a result? You may be thinking, “Uh..yeah..that’s common sense”, but honey that is not so common to 98% of our population and I will tell you why. If this was so obvious then why do most people live such miserable, defeated lives? How come most people remain with the same mindsets and attitudes even after ten years? I believe that most people are too lazy to find out how to implement success principles in their own lives and are often too afraid to make an effort or to even take the first step. The same people then marvel at the few who get incredible results. 

This should not be you. Get wisdom, get wisdom, GET WISDOM. Find out what you need to do to achieve measurable goals and get to working them. The road there will be tough; believe me I know. There will be days you will feel like giving up. Other times you will need someone to pick you up. Nevertheless, keep going. Better failed having had tried than being mediocre and ‘comfortable’. Success really starts with your attitude and then the rest follows. So, again, what is YOUR definition of success?

Cheers to that!


When I Fall – I Get Up

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I hope that this far you have had a great 2014 and that you keep working on your goals no matter how daunting the task.

I had a conversation with a beautiful young lady earlier today and she was very sad. Concerned, I asked her to share with me her burden. She told me how she had started off  so well with her goals and was now miserable because all that she worked towards was at a standstill. That bred feelings of incompetence, hopelessness and sometimes insecurity.

I then responded by reminding her that although she was not seeing the results she anticipated she should first be proud of the fact that she had got this far. I congratulated her on starting as most people do not even start anything they desire to accomplish. I also asked her to evaluate what she could improve as maybe the methods she was using were not serving her anymore.

I chose to share this story with you because, like my friend, many of us become discouraged when we ‘fall’ or when it takes like what seems forever to reach a goal. But we must also learn to count our small victories because success really is about achieving what we have when outside of our comfort zone. Remember; the most successful people in this world have failed numerous times; they just learned the lessons that came with those failures. Be of good cheer because you will overcome. 



The Epiphany

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Today I had an epiphany. To be honest, I long knew this but I was not very focused in my quest to get true financial independence. Perhaps you too want to be financially free- and that is something I believe we all must do because the economic times ahead are not going to be pretty. I am not going to be technical or tell you a how-to story because, well, I am not yet a multi-millionaire. I write to you today to tell you something that you must know.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN PROSPERITY- Financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This is a universal truth that we tend to ignore and because of this many people are in unhappy situations. What I figured out today, more than ever, is that the reason I may unhappy with certain aspects of my own life is a result of my making. Honestly.

Let’s get back to the money aspect. As you know, I am a fan of Robert Kiyosaki. I have an average job and I am also a growing Network Marketer. Yet, I want so much more.. I don’t want the illusion of the  American dream – I want NEO’S dream. The dream God reminds me of on each waking day. The dream that sometimes makes me cry because I am not nearly anywhere in achieving it.

Today, however, I decided to stop crying. I was on the site – Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s site. I must say, I give that couple credit for the way in which they instil faith in many peoples’ lives and teach. I know people have criticised them; but that’s only because those critics are broke and busted. But if you fall under that category, what would you have to lose by opening your mind up to what they have to say? After all – if a rich person gives you advice on what works and has been a proven method that works time and again – what will it gain you if you sit and nag while they go home rich and you are still broke?

I am not advocating you listen to Mr and Mrs Kiyosaki  – but I urge you to dedicate your life to financial education. Get street smarts. Start attending seminars, reading books. Find a mentor in your city who is successful at what you want to do. Get financial spreadsheets to monitor your money habits and change if you need to. We all need to. Change your mindset. Change your outlook. Get some exercise and love yourself.

If you are a woman and are reading this, it is advisable to start focusing on your own financial prosperity. Do not leave it to your partner – even if you work as a team which is always great, you must feel empowered as well. Have some confidence. It is not about competition – rather it is about actualisation. Prepare yourself mentally for your journey and write it down because one day you will mentor a young lady such as yourself. And while you’re at it- it will do you a lot of good to visist . Observing this lady has encouraged me to carry on. Be blessed.


Just Do It

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Sometimes when you are trying to work towards a life-long goal, it becomes frustrating if you feel you are not making any progress. We tend to lose focus and even succumb to negative criticism. You know the drill… there are always those negative people who convince you its wise to drop everything because of the economy, your bad credit or things happening only for ‘the lucky ones’. 

Let me remind you of something. You are chosen. You were born for this. The little nagging voice inside you that reminds you that you want this is not some make believe character … it is God reminding you that He created a destiny for you to follow. Anything worth doing is never going to be easy. Remember the tipping point? Every thing you do daily compounds into a huge result. If you are tactful and keep going- you will see your dream come to pass. Start off the week with an optimistic attitude and remember that ANYTHING worth doing should be finished. Be blessed.