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The mistake we make at times is that we think if things became better we would be happier, feel better or have a better reputation. And even while we are searching for the finer things in life and are working hard to acquire them, I have learned from experience, and many enlightened people have, this fundamental truth: YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO BE AS HAPPY AS YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE.

I feel that this is a very important topic to discuss because when I go out to socialise I watch a lot of womens’ behaviour and I am sometimes shocked at what I discover.  Underneath al that make-up, lovely hair and lip stick is a person who is just not comfortable in their own skin. These are people who need material things and the ‘right’ crowd to assert their self-esteem. These women would do almost anything to get the acceptance of men, particularly. These are women who would dress trashy to feel sexy  to get men to buy them drinks at a club.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a good life, in fact I always push people to aspire to the best life possible! Yet, we need to check our motives for actually wanting to look and feel good. We need to spring clean our friends if necessary. We need to be careful about the kind of messages we listen to and accept. I find it amazing that women who listen to songs by certain artists who demean us, actually think they can feel good about themselves. If you constantly repeat songs that tell you that you’re you legs, thighs and booty then you are definitely going to get the wrong message about what being sexy and beautiful really means. Being beautiful is about loving yourself, taking care of your body and appearance and radiating from within. Being happy is about accepting the state that you are in and making the most of your present moment, no matter how bad things might seem. Yes, you may not have arrived at your desired destination yet but then that does not mean that you should allow yourself to be unhappy while you are still trying to get there. I want you to take a good look at yourself at the mirror, smile and say, “I am beautiful, smart and I have the ability to make life good for myself”. Remember that even though God can assist us with so much, He can only work with the choices that we make. So make the choice to find reasons to be happier and love yourself just as you are.


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    You do not need to impress « Love Thyself said:
    November 30, 2010 at 9:46 am

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