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We are coming to the end of a wonderful year, 2010, and as we move into the year 2011, there are many goals that every person may have up his/her sleeve and will want to achieve. I for one, have a list of goals that I would like to achieve for my personal happiness and success. Though I am excited, as you should be when setting goals of your own, here is what I have learned about goal setting and I hope that this information will help you.

1. Define your goals clearly

It is no good saying, “I want to save money”, instead of saying, “I want to save P500”. When you state the exact amount of money you wish to save, this encourages you to  make a strategic plan of the amount of money you will save monthly, what you will cut back on to make the funds available and seeing the amount is most likely to keep you motivated to put that money away. The same goes for the goals that you set. If you want to do community service in 2011, look for a charity now, or even think of a gift or talent you possess and how you could use it to best serve someone or a community of those less privileged than thou. 

2. Start small

Trying to reach 20 goals a year is like attempting to swim an individual medley race before you learn how to master all the strokes. Honestly, from experience, I have accepted the fact that when I set goals and want to change a habit it takes time. There is no point on being hard on yourself and I suggest you set few, realistic goals and work on them. Accomplishing two goals a year is far better than attempting at 5 and leaving each one half finished. 

3. Remember your efforts

The little efforts you make each day will contribute to the big picture. The strange thing about life is, when you are about to see a breakthrough, that is when all hell breaks loose. I do not know how to explain it but I know that before God made day he made night. There was just darkness and the earth was void; and as He spoke, light appeared. You sow what you reap so do not think that just because your vision tarries that it will not come to pass. As long as you keep trying, then you will reach your goal. 

4. Your words

Your spoken words really affect the way you will perform and see yourself. If you constantly speak down on yourself, stop right in your tracks, take a break and dedicate time to renewing your mind. Quit using negative words towards yourself. Learn to speak to yourself positively and respectfully. Use powerful, proactive words instead of negative, limiting words. Change your vocabulary and make push your way forwards.



2 thoughts on “Set your goals

    greatnessmanual said:
    December 4, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Well done. Now this is life coaching, If you can help people set and achieve goals then you can mentor and direct them. Well done. Good article as usual. Keep the fire burning. You are the next best thing Neo. stay focused.

      EzahLady said:
      December 4, 2010 at 3:39 pm

      Thank You so much, I really appreciate it

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