Your most powerful form of leverage

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From experience, there have been times when God blessed me with such incredible gifts or other things but because I did not have the maturity to handle those things, they actually became a reproach to me. So in  all my seeking and searching for better ways to make opportunities and other things, I realised this one fundamental truth. I am sure that even if you ask a Sage, Robert Kiyosaki or anybody who has learned the art of mastery in his/her field, they are most likely to reiterate the same words. Before you can ever handle anything and turn it into a blessing for your own life, remember that you have to start with the way that you THINK towards that certain area you are trying to develop or dethrone.

I will not use specific examples as I think this law is universal to all things pertaining to one’s life. The truth of the matter is that you need to renew your mind in the way you wish your life to go. I am not just talking about chanting positive affirmations daily, but I am referring to a DECISION to really turn your life around. I am talking about making time to educate yourself on that area you would like to work on, finding mentors who have excelled in it, applying strategic methods and learning how to live in self-control and being disciplined to reach your goals. We live in a world where everything is so instant and we want to get rich quick, we want God to click His fingers and give us a miracle now. I do believe in miracles for indeed there are many, yet, God is also wise and for most things He will make you walk out your race.

I sat for an hour just thinking about the many things I want to accomplish in this lifetime, particularly in the financial department. I have always known that I will have to learn the tricks and trades of building wealth but it struck me that, as Robert Kiyosaki said in “Retire Rich Retire Young”, your most powerful form of leverage is your mind. For anything. When you learn to change the way you think about things then you are educating your mind and you will gain knowledge and when you begin to apply what you have learned (understanding), you start sowing actions that will bring you the harvest  which you seek.  


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