The Slight Edge

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Jeff Olson wrote an eye-opening book called ‘The Slight Edge’. You ought to read it.

It explains how people actually become succesful. There is no straight formula because what works for one person may be different for another. Of course there are sound strategies that need to be used in order for someone to get to their desired destination. However, I realised from reading this material that success is a journey and that it is the actions you do daily that will determine your outcome; for good or for evil.

Life is like a curve, not a straight line. So if you keep sowing good habits, you will reap good rewards. If you keep sowing bad habits, you will reap bad rewards. This pertains to all areas of your life. If you do not learn to invest your money well, you will live from paycheck to paycheck. If you learn to delay instant gratification and invest your money well, you will live with passive income for the rest of your life.

It is true. Think about it. Every action you take is compounded over time. Think about that. If you smoke, your lungs are not going to fail on you for the first week. Nor the next ten years. But granted, you keep puffing away for the next 15 to 20 years, you are going to get premature wrinkles. Your skin will grey. You hair will be limp. You will have bad breath. You will have breathing difficulties. Lung and throat cancer are most likely to develop in your body.

If you want to lose weight and you are at the gym 3 times a week but you still look like a sea lion posing on a rock, are you going to quit? You probably will if you are like 99% of people. If, however, you carried on for the next three months you will look like a flamingo posing in the Okavango Delta (Much better picture).

So what are your goals? Have you made any plans for this year? If not, I suggest you carefully think them out because you need to have something useful to do with your time. You cannot move through life hoping that situations will change. No, God is not going to drop money  from Heaven like Manna, nor will He support that bad habit of yours! You need to decide what it is you want out of life and begin doing it. With His help, you can!

It is easy to do the right thing and it easy not to. It is easy to start today and it is easy to start tomorrow (which never comes). The great thing about life is that each day brings with it the opportunity to start afresh, but when you delay certain things like practising good health and money principles, it will come at a huge cost a loss.

Please do not waste another minute of your life loafing about like Sponge Bob does. He is going to be frying crabby patties for the rest of his life unless he chooses to change direction. Again, this is very easy to do and very easy not to do. The scary thing about the Slight Edge is that it gives you exactly what you give out : it will either work for you or work against you.

Choose which way you want to go. Even God Himself told us about the importance of choice when He said in Deutoronomy 30:19-20, “This day I call Heaven and Earth as witness against you that I have set before you death and life, blessings and curses. Therefore choose life so that you and your children may live…”

Can you imagine, He set Heaven and Earth as witnesses against us? (lol) So you see that God tells us that the choices wemake will either bring death or life into our lives. Not only that, but our choices also affect our children’s lives… Read the whole scripture again. So what do you choose to do, dear lady? Remember that each action you take towards reaching that goal will compound over time and you will rach your fianl outcome.

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