Choosing your thoughts on purpose

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I believe I am correct in saying that a lot of people fight an ongoing battle in their minds and this therefore is reflected in the way that they live their lives, the way they talk to people and how they deal with their problems. The way in which your mind is programmed will ultimately lead to the way in which you live and determines whether or not you become a success. Your thoughts determine your emotional life, the company you choose and your own self-talk.

Your internal dialogue is the most important communication language you speak. If you think it is not all that important then observe your life and be honest – are you thinking the right thoughts? One of the things you ought to do, especially if you want to see God’s best in for your life is to align your thinking with His Word- make time to study it because He has so many positive and inspiring things to say. His Word is powerful and He always has a strategy to get you out of your situations. Today I sat and literally felt so bad the whole morning because I was angry at myself  for not having achieveing a specific goal I had set last year. I also have issues of my own  but then a lot of tension that was inside was suddenly released when I realised the importance of just taking everything one step at a time. I now saw the importance of focusing my thoughts to positive ones and to denounce  my negative thinking.

I analysed a certain situation and got to the root of the problem. I respond to things or situations in a specific way because of the way my mind has been programmed.

From a young age, your parents, teachers, leaders, friends and even the media have affected the way you think. Do you know that something as subtle as someone giving you a disapproving look for something you would have wanted recognition for could turn you into a total work freak and perfectionist, simply because you wanted approval?

If you have been battling with limiting, negative or just wrong thought patterns, it is time to change them. You should have enough of feeling low, demotivated and useless all the time. You should have enough of allowing your emotions to overtake you. Even if you put on a brave face in public and you fool everybody, you cannot fool yourself or God. You owe it to yourself to create the life that you deserve and it all starts with your thinking. I am going to write a few tips to help you get started.

1. Think about and write down where we want to be.

2. Do a daily exercise and observe your thought patterns. As Joyce Meyer, an extraordinary Pastor and Life Coach always says, “Think about what you are thinking about”.

3. Undo these thought processes by deliberately speaking God’s positive, uplifting Word or by using positive affirmations. To be realistic and balanced, stand in front of a mirror and declare that even though you have not accomplished something, you are on your way and are getting there. As long as you keep trying and are strategic, you will surely make it.

I sincerely pray that you see yourself with new eyes. Renewing your mind will take time but that is normal. If you make some mistakes along the way, it does not count; what counts is how many times you get up.

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2 thoughts on “Choosing your thoughts on purpose

    Xolani said:
    March 3, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    Wow, so true hey! this just reminded me of Proverbs 23 “ As a man thinketh in his heart , so he is”, therefore what you think abt yourself, has a huge impact on who you are. Some people are struggling to succeed in life not because they have no potential bt mostly because they think of themselves as failures. Therefore its so critical for us to be grounded in His word by constantly reading and meditating on it so that our thoughts are in line with His thoughts.

      EzahLady said:
      March 18, 2011 at 12:40 pm

      Yes its very true Xolani it makes a world of difference. Thank you for your comment

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