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Yesterday my friend and I were playing at a park, just like children do and since we both want to drive Aston Martins we agreed that we would get one another an expensive gift after we both purchase the beautiful cars. And of course in true competitive style, we agreed to compete to see who would first make the purchase.

Whilst we were brainstorming on great ways to make money in Botswana, I realised something. Here I was talking about the same thing I said last year. So since I have my idea already, what am I waiting for? There seems to be this attitude in Botswana that says, “I will do it later. I am still an employee. I do not have enough time right now.”

All that is rubbish and if ever you are going to succeed at anything you need to start now. I envision what my future holds and I have been doing enough preparation to start now. Of course I will use wisdom and discretion but it is time to start NOW. Anything that you have been putting off… you need to go back and start NOW. Do not allow procrastination to weigh you down. If you want to quit a bad habit, start NOW. If you want to lose weight, start NOW. If you want to start your business, start NOW. Start by reading useful material, talking to successful people and conducting market research on the product or service offering you wish to make public.



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