The Most Expensive Gift

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The most expensive gift is… YOU. Seriously, if you see yourself like that you will never allow anybody to buy, auction or use you freely. You will only DEMAND the best for your life. It should be common sense that you should look out for yourself – I am not talking about narcissism, but rather, a healthy, balanced sense of esteem because you know that you are loved by Almighty God, you are extremely valuable in His sight and that all good things will work out for good in the end!

I have noticed that people tend to dislike themselves or treat themselves like junk because of their flawed self-esteem. Women are especially guilty of this. I know a woman who, because she grew up with a messed up father, was raped and did not know what kind of love to expect from a man, got entangled in abusive relationships. She became promiscuous, dated the wrong kind of men yet she was so beautiful inside out. To make matters worse, she was a Christian and she did not exhibit the kind of behaviour or life that God wanted her to have. When she realised that her self-pity was destroying her life she went to God’s throne of grace and allowed Him to change her. I am happy to report that this woman is now doing well for herself and she continually makes sure that her internal dialogue is positive, uplifting and she challenges herself daily to be better than the day before. I have watched her blossom into a wonderful female because she CHOOSES to walk out her path to success. She is now  married to a wonderful, loving man.

You see, this woman pitied herself for so many years because she saw herself as a victim.  When she chose to go through her problems and to renew her mind into being the person she wanted to become, the right things fell into place. She also began to trust God in the process and as a result He changed her life. If you find yourself battling with your past and you cannot get past feeling sorry for yourself or you believe that you are not worthy of anything good I have news for you – even the sick get healed! Its time to pick up your mat and walk! If you read in John chapter 5, there was a pool that, on occasion, an Angel would come and stir up the waters and whoever got in first would be healed of whatever affliction (emotional, physical, financial, relational) he/she had. Those were in the ancient, Biblical days when Jesus walked the Earth. One day the Lord decided to visit the place and he found a man who had been lying on his mat, at that porch for 38 years! (What a wait).    Jesus asked him (I am sure Jesus chuckled at this case – how could you for 38 years just lay there?), “Do you REALLY want to get better?” Of course the man wanted to but the reason Jesus asked him is because He knew that he could have been better a long time ago, but his paralysis had ruined his confidence so much that he did not believe he even deserved to get healing. Think about it… he could have asked anyone to put him into the waters. Jesus then told him, “Pick up your mat and walk!” So the man was healed.

The same principle applies to us today.  Make up your mind that you are going to walk past whatever is holding you back from success. It may be a relationship you need to discard, a habit, a bad mindset… whatever it is, God is telling you now, to PICK UP YOUR MAT AND WALK. It is time.


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