The Changes That We Need Are Within

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There is a man who inspires me weekly, from his writings in a local newspaper here in Botswana. His name is George Chingarande and I want to share an excerpt from an article he wrote a few months back about change. Titled, “The Butterfly Effect And The Power Of Small Changes”, this is what he wrote.

The Changes That We Need Are Within Reach

“The changes that are required in our lives and in our organisations are within our capabilities. We do not need to develop the agility of the leopard  or the strength of the zebra for us to get to the next level. Small incremental, positive changes implemented consistently can so change the outlook of our lives that a few years from now we can look back and be astounded by what we could have become. Renowned psychologist William James asserted that the greatest discovery of our generation is that a human being can change his/her life by altering the attitude of his/her life.

We can paraphrase William James this way: By changing your attitude towards your current situation, your partner, your finances, your ability and potential, your career, your relationships, you will literally totally change the outcomes that you get from your lie starting from now.

The truth is that we each have an attitude towards every little aspect of our lives. The sum total of these attitudes is what determines how we act and the results that we obtain. All these are amendable to change, and these small changes will totally change the course of our lives”.

I am sure that inspired you to do better. We all have challenges, insecurities and can feel hopeless at times. Just bear in mind that at any given time, things change. I encourage you to take a bold step in changing your life.


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