A real picture of success

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Feeling upset because I felt like my efforts in the pursuit of my dream were not enough, I felt rather bitter and starting complaining to my friend. In a very firm, but loving manner he told me that actually, what I am busy doing is a real picture of success.

This is what I learned and what I want to teach you today. By the time you can purchase your dream house, car and just about anything else, at those moments you will be showing the FRUIT of your success. A successful person is one who knows that they already are and as a result, takes action to accomplish their desired results. It is that simple.

Sometimes we become so entangled in our dreams that we compare ourselves to others who are already accomplished. We forget that we too have a journey to walk. We then become restless, impatient and annoyed. Anything that is of real worth and virtue will TAKE TIME. Remember that your destiny has to leave a LEGACY. Building a legacy takes time, effort and diligence. Of course you can retire young and rich – it is not impossible. Yet you must know that for certain goals the process may take a little longer but while you are waiting your character is being refined, you are learning new things and you will reach your goal. Just give it time and patience. And be encouraged by the fact that even if nobody is watching, even if nobody is clapping their hands, even if nobody seems to care… you will come out on top. What you see now is going to change. Things never remain the same. That is why it is important to realise that as you are now, you are a success story. Keep your mind focused on that and build your life and your principles on that mentality.

Please do not give up. Do not settle for less. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. You are wonderful, beautiful and God has an amazing future for you. Keep on practising and taking steps towards your goals because you are SUCCESFUL.

Image taken from: asianweek.com


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