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This post is for the ladies who feel that they are not beautiful enough. The truth of the matter is you are beautiful inside out and your strong qualities can radiate from inside. Do not ever be afraid of allowing those qualities to shine because when the outside fades and there is nothing left to look at, all you will have is who you are. Therefore, concentrate more on who you are.

Here are a few tips. These have helped me for a long time, as well as many other and I encourage you to put them into practise.

1. Work on your self-esteem

If you do not change the way you talk and feel about yourself then you will never learn how to love an accept who you are. You were made by God for a divine purpose and your worth is far above rubies and pearls. That is what it says in the Bible. SO if God can say that about you, why would you call yourself stupid and ‘not good enough’? Re-new your mindset and start talking to yourself with love and respect in spite of what you have done.

2. Forgive yourself

So often we tend to be hard on ourselves. I have been guilty of this so many times. Unforgiveness is like a disease and it kills you on the inside. You become bitter and critical of yourself if you cannot forgive yourself of your past, what you have said and done. All you need to do is let go, move on, try to amend your wrongs and just live life. It is a lot easier and lighter. God does not intend for you to be walking around feeling guilty all day.

3. Embrace who you are TOTALLY

This is where a lot of women go wrong. Many times we always have something we do not like about our bodies and well, I came to realise that if I can’t fix it, God wanted it to be that way. I will never be as slim as Victoria Beckham and I certainly will never have Kim Kardashian’s cleavage. But they can never have Neo’s unique smile or have your sense of humour. Have you actually tried and turned around the criticism and actually said that those whom you compare yourself to will never be like you? Do that and you will begin to appreciate yourself more.

Hope this encourages you to be a better you!


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