Developing Your Potential + Obama’s Speech

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I have been reading a lot of material recently about the power of thought and how,when an individual focuses on their vision long enough they are able to achieve their dreams with time.

One thing I have an interest in is self-development because I believe that if you can work on your self and allow God to help you during the journey then it will become a success story. Do not allow people to cave you in, nor should you allow your limited mind to tell you it is impossible to accomplish anything. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Did you know that there is a universal force, by the laws of nature that God Himself instituted that if obeyed will create success to an individual whether or not he/she acknoweledges it. It is a power, when agreed with, in your thought patterns that will do for you as you will. This power is Christ Himself because the Bible says in John 1:3 that through Him, for Him and by Him was the universe and all things created. So that proves that God is the principle intelligence that holds everything together and that causes human beings, through the power of thought to create their own realities, according to what He has willed for them in their hearts to do. SO if you always have, in your mind the image of being a public speaker then it is God’s will for you and you can accomplish this. I would have to write a series of articles to further articulate this truth but before I do that, I want you to watch Michelle Obama’s speech, on June 16 2011, in Soweto. Please listen to what she has to say because I believe it can inspire all of us.


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