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You mindset is what will make you or break you. Not even God can work in your life if you are going to hold onto old mentalities from years of conditioning, that are not helping to promote you. It is time to change your mind – and with the right conditioning.

Time to do a little exercise. You must be honest with yourself and write the response to each of the following questions. Remember, once you identify the thought patterns that stunt your growth, you can then begin to change the information that your mind has absorbed, so you can go in the way you wish. What are your attitudes towards the following:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • God
  • Yourself
If you want to have a healthy relationship with yourself, you need to make sure that you understand your attitudes towards the most inportant things in your life. If your internal talk is always negative and frightening then you will project this to others. If you walk into a room full of people with bad posture you automatically say, “Bully me its ok, im not that cool anyway”. A lot of what your body language portrays really is from the way that you have conditioned your mind. If you think that money is evil and because when you grew up there was never enough, be careful you do not grow up with that mentality because you could become stingy or a spend thrift since you fear that the money will be there only for a moment. You could have experienced bad relationships in the past and then you bump into prince charming only to chase him away by your behaviour because you project your insecurities. You may think that God is mean, sitting on a chair judging you. Why don’t you find out what He really thinks of you by reading His Word?
So take some time to find out your thoughts towards those areas and then if you need some alteration, please renew your mind in the way which you want to go. I suggest you renew it with the Word of God. The Bible is so full of positive, motivational truths that liberate you to live in freedom and to have a steady, succesful life. Be blessed.

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