Think About It

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I want to ask you something. How long have you been desiring the things which you want? How long have you only hoped and not actually taken some action? That needs to change now.

It’s a very interesting fact that your mind attracts everything on which your conscious mind chooses to focus. So if you aspire to be a netball player, business owner or anything else, focus your thoughts towards attaining that big picture.

I put this theory to test. I was reading ‘Millionaire Mindset’ by Joe Vitale, and as I applied his concepts to my mind I began to act and think like a rich lady would. I am not joking. Suddenly I saw opportunities that I had not noticed before. I began to come up with all types of ideas, and I wanted more. I enjoyed the rush and the positive thoughts and feelings. I figured that if I held onto that attitude long enough my actions would soon change and my desired results would show up. So why not put that theory to test in your own life? Start by being positive about your wildest dream and believing you can achieve it. Visualize yourself in your dream house, driving your dream car and giving any amount to your church or charity organisation. Focus on one positive thought fr a day and then report back to me and tell me how it feels.


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