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There are millions of voices in the world today. So many depressing stories about children being enslaved and molested, children being raped, millions starving and rumours of wars. Then there are people who tell you what you should and should not do, what you should wear, why you cannot be a certain size…

My point is there are many voices in the world saying different things. If you listen to all of them you will end up being miserable and will not know what you want. Whose voice are you listening to? Are you listening to your voice or allowing everyone else’s determine your happiness? Have you lost your sense of independence so much that you do not enjoy your own company anymore? Are you allowing other people to control your moods?

It is time that you start listening to your own voice instead of the voice of everybody else. You must learn how to recognize who you are and let that be a shining factor for your life.


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