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Have you ever wondered why sometimes it is difficult for you to change the direction in which you are going even if you know its imperative to your success and wellbeing? Have you ever sat down and felt like throwing in the towel? Have you ever considered staying in the same place because you feel that change is too tough for you?

Do you know what I discovered this morning… most of us do not make the changes we need simply because we have not discovered the revelation behind it. Read that again until you get it.

There is a reason why you feel dissatisfied, uncomfortable and in need for change. It really is not only about you but your  contribution to your society at large. Lately I have had areas in my life which need a significant change and I stalled for so long, until I just became so depressed and irritated. I have also been looking for better opportunities everywhere else but inside myself and as each door shut, I would feel lower and weaker. Luckily a friend of mine came in and sat with me, and pointed out that these doors are not shut because I’m stupid or incompetent; it is simply because God is trying to shove out of me what He knows I could do. So when I analyzed that comment, I found the REASON behind why I should aspire to become succesful. You will be surprised that it had nothing at all to do with me, but that my willing to change for the better would lead to unprecedented levels of success, which would then enable me to influence my community in a transformational way.

Now had I not received that revelation I would still make excuses for keeping certain habits I have. I know it will take a lot of work, but we are all a work in progress. Human beings are designed to evolve at different stages of their lives. Change is an inevitable part of life but the problem with remaining the same when the season comes for you to step it up is that you become dormant, boring and stay 95% of the world’s population: DEAD. Now we all have different purposes in life and you should discover yours and takes steps to making it a reality, but just know that it will require for you to change some of the words you use, your associates, your environment and your mindset. It does not happen overnight but until you find a big enough reason to do so, it won’t happen. I wish you the best in your endeavors and I sincerely hope that you invest in yourself because you are truly worth it; not just for yourself but for the benefit of others in whichever field you are.

Be blessed and thank you for reading and supporting my work! Neo


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