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Did you know that there are many exciting resources out there for free, all over the net and on Youtube that you can use to update your financial education?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of Robert Kiyosaki and I tell you, my mindset is already starting to shift. His Youtube channel is full of insightful and informative audio books that you can listen to while lying on your bed and his website richdad.com has a game called Cashflow that you can play either alone or in a team (you can play it alone on the net and get your friends to play the boardgame). This game challenges your investment knowledge and teaches you how to think like a multi-millionaire and the good news is it is absolutely free of charge.

If you want to become financially independent I advise you to educate yourself as much as you can on the art of making money. Do not rely on what you have learned from your parents or your friends (unless they are financially independent), because you will remain in the rat race. Your should aim to make money work for you instead of letting money be your slave. We all have money myths which we need to get rid of and the only way in which we can do this is by renewing our mindsets. I highly recommend you visit richdad.com today.


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