At Your Best

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Are you at your best?

Did you know that we only use 10% of our potential – isn’t that sad? Most people actually only get by with what they have known all of their lives – but I want to challenge you to raise the bar in your own because in this harsh world nobody will do it for you.

We all have habits that are engrained in each us and are sometimes difficult to break . We all have times where we feel lonely and sometimes have challenges hurled at us so hard that we wonder if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. But I want to encourage you to take heart and know that you should expect a few twists and turns in the game of life, but that should not keep you from playing the game. Why should you be afraid to take chances because you are not so sure about the outcome? Why should you entertain mediocrity and boredom in your life just because you claim to be risk-averse? Why should you not try and write that book just because you are afraid it won’t be received well in your country?

Let this year be the time that you mold your strengths and let go of past hurts, confusion and mediocrity. Let go of the victim mentality and let go of what ifs, should haves and could haves. Start declaring, I can, I will, I must! Happy 2012!


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