Emotion and your goals

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Two nights ago, whilst laying on my bed, I decided to listen to Tony Robbins, a message titled, ‘Unleashing the Giant Within’. He said made some very interesting points about reaching our goals, and I decided to test them. What I found actually astounded me and I would like to share with you.

The number one reason why most people fail to achieve their goals is because of the emotion they have linked to the process or the end result. Think about that for a moment. Let’s look at an example that is really difficult for most people to stay committed to.

Pretend for a moment that you have a maxed out clothing account and you need to pay it off because it is bad debt, and I do not even encourage you to even open one, I am talking from experience!

Say you need to pay off P1000 and your minimum payments are P100 a month.

Goal: To get the account paid off in 5 months instead of 12.

Commitment: Pay P200 per month for the next 5 months.

So you are excited about getting rid of this burden but then after about 2 months, other things steal your attention and you begin making excuses and go back to paying P100 because you cannot put off your gratification. I know that it happens to a lot of people that   because of the initial discomfort of doing something they do not get far. Yet Robbins gave me a different perspective when he said, “Why not replace the emotion of fear with pleasure at the thought of the liberation your end result will bring?” If putting off the instant gratification hurts, focus your attention and emotions on the joy and freedom you will have after you get rid of that debt and how you will be able to do more because you have cut the time that you could have been in debt..not to mention interest charges!

Use this simple yet profound exercise with anything that you want to achieve. What about losing weight? Do not just think about losing weight for the sake of looking gorgeous.. what about the long-term benefits? Your skin… mental health and energy levels you get from exercise, good nutrition and a balanced diet. When you meditate on these benefits you will definately achieve your goal even if the challenges sometimes are difficult.

Now I challenge you my dear, to set a goal to achieve in the next 6 months. Think about all the reasons why you should pursue this goals and how it would affect you emotionally and mentally if you were to achieve it. Do not even focus on the negative. Focus on the good things the achievement will bring into your life.

Until next time… stay blessed


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