Bring back that spark

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Isn’t it amazing how when you were young you had an exhaustive list of dreams and you knew where you would be at a certain age, the sort of car you’d be driving and the career you would lead? The reality you faced was pretty much unscathed because most of the time your parents protected you and most things we taken care of – all you had was your imagination, your toys and your optimism. It was in those days that you dared to dream and were bold enough to make demanding requests of God because, in your young mind anything and everything was possible.

Then you grew older. As the years passed, the recession hit, your family experienced economic and  social problems, you watched people who once lived like kings feel the disgrace of paupers. Many of the things you thought were possible seemed to be a fantasy when you saw the cold reality of this world. So you stopped dreaming. You stopped trying. And you settled for mediocrity,

All of us have gone through life and have faced very disappointing moments but it does not mean that is the end of the possibility to have a better outcome. I know that life is not easy at all and a lot of times we will get disappointed. But do not give up hope, do not despair because in the midst of confusion, disappointment and frustration, you simply need to look up, pray, be silent and the answer will come. It sounds too good to be true but I have found in my own life that oftentimes when I feel as though I am at my wits end and I have totally failed, if I analyse the situation in which I find myself, there is somehow always an a spark in the darkness. Remember that before God created Day, he created Night.

Disappointment is a painful reality and can keep many people enslaved in anger, pain and bitterness. It can even stop many people from trying again at life because of the fear of failure. Some people are so disappointed that they feel that they would be hurting themselves by trying to dream and daring to take a risk in pursuit of their heart’s desire. Nothing is further from the truth. Nothing brings more joy to the human soul than chasing after his/her dreams.

If you have found the challenges of  life have left you feeling helpless and tired, I challenge you to stop what you are doing immediately, and take a walk by yourself. Think of all your achievements and focus on the joy you felt. Now think about how different your future would look if you just tried again. Forget what people have said. Forget how bad you feel right now and live in that moment where you are chasing after your dreams and have won the golden crown.

Now that you are feeling a little optimistic, write down one goal that you could achieve by this December. Write out a strategy of how you could begin and keep referring to that goal periodically. I challenge you to do this because as you are working towards this, your confidence will come back and you will open up your creative mind once again.

Stay blessed;)


2 thoughts on “Bring back that spark

    Fred said:
    August 13, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    This is some truely inspirational content Ezahlady. I have also come to realize that the small hurdles that you manage to overcome in the puisuit of your dreams can inspire one keep going, and by remembering those small achievements and focusing on the joy felt fuels me to keep on striving no mater how difficult it gets.

      EzahLady said:
      August 13, 2012 at 4:52 pm

      Yes Fred, we have to keep on going knowing that its the small steps that lead to the bigger picture. Interesting comment, thank you.

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