Can I really have more Time?

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Have you ever put what you felt was 100% of your effort into what you love best and felt that you are still stuck in a rut, that you are not making much progress or have someone such as a boss refusing to promote you? Perhaps many things that you cannot control like the economy, the recession and other factors are the leading cause of your stifled progression. I know personally how that can make one feel and it can make you feel frustrated, even to the point you want to give up. However, here is what I have learned. The intangible things, if used at an advantage are actually what can make a difference.

Intangible things such as time, the internet, your communication skills and networking can have a powerful effect on your progress. Here is an interesting thing about how God designed life: for everything there is something better that follows. For example, after Winter, Spring comes. After a recession, there is progression. After a thunderstorm, a rainbow appears. After death, life forms. Now look at the things you always have at your disposal that you can use at your own accord. And through these ‘seasons‘ there is one thing that is always constant: TIME.

So why should time be so important to you? You can control what you do with your time. Even in the midst of a recession, you can use that time to work on an idea that people will need during this difficult time and that will improve your financial status once people are able to spend more money. You can use your free time to work on improving your skills; attend a workshop, read something to expand your mind and to meet people. Seriously, if people realised the implication time has on their lives I believe they would be able to make a big difference in their lives despite the limitations placed on them by the things they cannot control. Think about this: how many people do you know persoanlly who are excited for the weekend to begin but spend it being idle. Most of these people spend time drinking from Friday to Sunday, watching seasons of their favourite series or complaining. What do you think would happen if they chose to spend Saturday afternoon working on an idea that will bring them a fortune in years to come? Or what if they had an idea of developing real estate and chose to have a meeting with someone in their city/town who is a real estate mogul? What kind of progress do you think, if they chose to take action on the information they acquire… would they make in the next year? What about people who spend their entire week commenting on peoples’ status updates but never use the net to research about something that could possibly change their lives?

Time is an important element that when utilised, determines an outcome. If you use her for idleness you will reap idleness. If you use her for something prodcutive you will reap fruits of what you have been focusing on. How do you use your time? Be honest. I used to waste so much time on the things that were not important and eventually I lost my focus for quite some time. Imagine if I had used that time properly I certainly would be a lot further. Many people say we must not have regrets in life but I do not like that statement because I feel that too often people use it to justify their lack of commitment to their goals. Yet they are the same people who live in regret daily because they wasted so much time. Analyse your life and make it a priority to use your time by indulging in activities that will take you further in the race of life. And please, while you’re at it, get some financial education, the rules of money have changed!

Until next time, be blessed.

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2 thoughts on “Can I really have more Time?

    halbertsblog said:
    August 15, 2012 at 10:38 am

    Time is never on our side excellent piece.
    “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
    ― Mother Teresa

      EzahLady said:
      April 13, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      Thank you for your comment.

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