Start Over

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I was thinking about many things that I feel I have not achieved and I felt a bit disheartened, considering the fact that I had either put in a lot of effort or my efforts were jeopardized. For the past five years I have attempted to continue projects that I thought would work but they did not, to the point where I almost gave up. Until one day someone told me that successful people fail a lot before they actually make that ‘big break’ because they have learned through trial and error what it takes to make it. 

Let me encourage you to keep going no matter what. Sometimes people can discourage you and you may feel weak because you have nothing to show for financially. But what do you have though, that distinguishes you from the rest? What sets you apart? Use those gifts and people will begin to notice. You can learn a new skill, get a new hobby, take up a new class. Whatever it is; it can be achieved. I encourage you to keep moving no matter what. 


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