Make It A Good One

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Am I the only one who had a very challenging 2012? I do not believe so but I know that 2013 will hold something different on one condition: If I prepare myself mentally to make it a good year by making a plan and taking action. 

From years and years of making New Years Resolutions I have decided to quit doing that because I noticed where I was going wrong, and so I am going to teach you a lesson today. Hopefully you will understand.

If you want to make a real change in your life you must first state what you want and be prepared to work at it. No matter how big or small, be prepared to focus your thoughts on that specific thing and make sure that your actions are in alignment with your intentions. The biggest mistake you can make is writing a list of ten things you want to achieve in your next year because you are probably going to keep the piece of paper locked away somewhere in your bedroom and let your whole year pass you by, so here is a simple formula:

1. Take some time, about a week, before 2013, relax and really think about what you need to get done in order for your life to improve. Note, I said NEED. Oftentimes we want to achieve goals that will satisfy our gratifications and there is nothing wrong with that but if the most critical things are never sorted you will always be in the same place. If you have a debt that needs to be paid off that should be top of your list and should be paid off in 2013.

2. Write out a specific plan in which you intend to sort it out. This is very important. When you plan and organize your thoughts God gives you the wisdom to figure out how to tackle the entire process. 

3. Stick your plan where you can see it every single day – when it is visual, your sub-conscious mind will act upon it.

4. Motivate yourself – get a collection of motivational books, free Youtube downloads… anything you need that will keep you motivated. When you are not motivated you lack the enthusiasm to carry on when it is difficult.

5. Have someone to be accountable for you. Please, let this be someone who has gone through the very thing you want to achieve. That person will have enough patience to be accountable for you.

Well, that is it from me this year, it is now Festive Season, the time to enjoy and relax from all our hard labours. Please promise yourself that you will set goals, important goals for 2013 and that you will go out and achieve them.

To your success, love, happiness and prosperity,



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