The Epiphany

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Today I had an epiphany. To be honest, I long knew this but I was not very focused in my quest to get true financial independence. Perhaps you too want to be financially free- and that is something I believe we all must do because the economic times ahead are not going to be pretty. I am not going to be technical or tell you a how-to story because, well, I am not yet a multi-millionaire. I write to you today to tell you something that you must know.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN PROSPERITY- Financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This is a universal truth that we tend to ignore and because of this many people are in unhappy situations. What I figured out today, more than ever, is that the reason I may unhappy with certain aspects of my own life is a result of my making. Honestly.

Let’s get back to the money aspect. As you know, I am a fan of Robert Kiyosaki. I have an average job and I am also a growing Network Marketer. Yet, I want so much more.. I don’t want the illusion of the  American dream – I want NEO’S dream. The dream God reminds me of on each waking day. The dream that sometimes makes me cry because I am not nearly anywhere in achieving it.

Today, however, I decided to stop crying. I was on the site – Robert and Kim Kiyosaki’s site. I must say, I give that couple credit for the way in which they instil faith in many peoples’ lives and teach. I know people have criticised them; but that’s only because those critics are broke and busted. But if you fall under that category, what would you have to lose by opening your mind up to what they have to say? After all – if a rich person gives you advice on what works and has been a proven method that works time and again – what will it gain you if you sit and nag while they go home rich and you are still broke?

I am not advocating you listen to Mr and Mrs Kiyosaki  – but I urge you to dedicate your life to financial education. Get street smarts. Start attending seminars, reading books. Find a mentor in your city who is successful at what you want to do. Get financial spreadsheets to monitor your money habits and change if you need to. We all need to. Change your mindset. Change your outlook. Get some exercise and love yourself.

If you are a woman and are reading this, it is advisable to start focusing on your own financial prosperity. Do not leave it to your partner – even if you work as a team which is always great, you must feel empowered as well. Have some confidence. It is not about competition – rather it is about actualisation. Prepare yourself mentally for your journey and write it down because one day you will mentor a young lady such as yourself. And while you’re at it- it will do you a lot of good to visist . Observing this lady has encouraged me to carry on. Be blessed.



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