When I Fall – I Get Up

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I hope that this far you have had a great 2014 and that you keep working on your goals no matter how daunting the task.

I had a conversation with a beautiful young lady earlier today and she was very sad. Concerned, I asked her to share with me her burden. She told me how she had started off  so well with her goals and was now miserable because all that she worked towards was at a standstill. That bred feelings of incompetence, hopelessness and sometimes insecurity.

I then responded by reminding her that although she was not seeing the results she anticipated she should first be proud of the fact that she had got this far. I congratulated her on starting as most people do not even start anything they desire to accomplish. I also asked her to evaluate what she could improve as maybe the methods she was using were not serving her anymore.

I chose to share this story with you because, like my friend, many of us become discouraged when we ‘fall’ or when it takes like what seems forever to reach a goal. But we must also learn to count our small victories because success really is about achieving what we have when outside of our comfort zone. Remember; the most successful people in this world have failed numerous times; they just learned the lessons that came with those failures. Be of good cheer because you will overcome. 




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