Your Definition of Success?

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What is your definition of success? First let me share mine. For me, SUCCESS is when I smile at the end of the day because I have used my  gifts endowed to me by my fabulous Creator to make a difference in someone’s life while making a fresh buck! (Chuckles) Seriously, when I think of myself as successful I imagine turning what I love into an enterprise while transforming lives, with a loving hubby and cute kids.

What is YOUR definition of success? Do you have a vision for your life? Are you willing to work towards that vision? Have you thought of goals that you can implement to see that vision come to pass?

Please do not let life happen to you because you can literally write your own story. Did you know that because of the universal principles that God has set, whether you work with or against them you will still get a result? You may be thinking, “Uh..yeah..that’s common sense”, but honey that is not so common to 98% of our population and I will tell you why. If this was so obvious then why do most people live such miserable, defeated lives? How come most people remain with the same mindsets and attitudes even after ten years? I believe that most people are too lazy to find out how to implement success principles in their own lives and are often too afraid to make an effort or to even take the first step. The same people then marvel at the few who get incredible results. 

This should not be you. Get wisdom, get wisdom, GET WISDOM. Find out what you need to do to achieve measurable goals and get to working them. The road there will be tough; believe me I know. There will be days you will feel like giving up. Other times you will need someone to pick you up. Nevertheless, keep going. Better failed having had tried than being mediocre and ‘comfortable’. Success really starts with your attitude and then the rest follows. So, again, what is YOUR definition of success?

Cheers to that!



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