HELP! I dont know what I dont know!

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goalsWhat you don’t know WILL kill you. I am not talking about trying to find out what a partner is up to behind your back but about your life. Far too many people live on autopilot instead of being deliberate; you know, get up, go to work or to your business, complete your tasks, work hard, play, hope to get a raise, save for a ‘rainy’day, put money in your retirement account (if you have one) and then try to make sense of life.

I call that living on autopilot because 95% of people who fall under this category do not have. And if you do not have goals then you will build the dream of someone who dares. Hard reality but its true. To be honest, the world changes so much that we need to know what is happening so that we can keep up and win, rather than fall behind.

Look at the economy of our beloved country Botswana; individuals are being laid off at a blink of an eye, the cost of living is rising while salaries are getting lower and there are more young people who are dissatisfied and desperate. Desperate for answers. Desperate to earn a living. Desperate for dignity. Desperate for change.

Here’s what I’ve learned the most painful way in my 20s (well Im now 29 and I am doing things differently). Nobody is responsible for your success. and you will not get what you want from chasing after it. To do so is not wise because it is not out there, but it begins with you. Money and general prosperity begins with how you think things work. Please read that again.

When I said earlier that I learned the hard way I meant that there are certain ways things work. I’ve tried and I’ve made errors. But now I know the path I am taking so here is what I can advise you to focus on. I encourage you also to do your own independent research.

  1. Set 5,10,15 and 20 year goals: this is very important because you have to write these down so you know which direction you are headed. You can modify them as you go along but if you do not have a plan someone else’s plan will have you.
  2. Learn success habits that will turn your goals into reality: I now spend hours a week listening to personal development recordings, speaking to my mentor and building in the habits I need to accomplish my dreams. It is not easy but so far I have noticed a change in myself.
  3. Find out about investment strategies that work: You will be shocked to discover that if you can raise a certain amount of money and begin long – term investing with well reputed investment managers, and you are consistent and stick to your plan, you can get passive income years from now.
  4. Get multiple streams of passive income: Take time to see what you enjoy doing. You can try network marketing, making money online, real estate… the list is endless but of course you must do your research and be wise. The aim is to spend a few years setting up the systems so that you can live off of the income for the rest of your life.
  5. Save for short-term, not long-term: Please do not make the mistake of thinking that your savings are going to provide your retirement money. Savings are a short-term solution and should often be used as capital to invest.
  6. Set your kids up: Before you have children I encourage you to set up a trust for that child, if possible. Or while your child is still young do so. That trust will set them up to start something of their own once they are at an appropriate age and certain level of maturity and will save them the indignity of begging someone else to give them an income.

There are many more things that you should know but these are my top 6 rules that I swear by.

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