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Hello ladies, welcome to Ezahlady – which is part of the EzahRepublic brand. In short, ‘Ezah’ is about attaining the true essence that is endowed to you, as a woman, by our Creator. In a world that is saturated with many images of how we are supposed to behave, what clothes we are supposed to wear, what defines us – it is very easy to rule out the inner voice that is crying out to be recognised. Along the way, especially in our adolescent years we can lose who we are. Nevertheless, it is never too late to regain our personal power which we have so easily given away. I am here to coach and mentor you, (I am also on a journey of my own), in your spiritual, financial, physical and mental lives. It is not easy growing up, nor is it easy finding the basis of who you are. Yet, you are a GEM – God’s Exquisite Maiden – and you can and will go far in life!

So I would like for you to read the content and leave comments if they add to the quality of the website. Remember that I welcome and encourage you to participate – and also, if you feel that any of the material have helped you please do not hesitate to email me on neomolefe@live.co.uk. I look forward to writing more and inspiring all the ladies to really enjoy their lives! Go and get em girls!