Make Peace With Your Thighs

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I once tuned into Joyce Meyer’s “Enjoying Everyday Life” program and heard her say, “I make peace with my thighs”. What a startling confession! Two-thirds of the crowd, women, wailed in excitement. I am not sure if they were cheering on because someone shared their plight  or if they had come to the same conclusion.

Let thou see the light: if God could write you a letter, based on scripture, I am sure it would read as:

Dear Daughter,

When I created you, I made something that no scientist can emulate. In my image and likeness you were fashoined, and when I saw you, I proclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I ‘m so hectic!”. I intricately wove you when you were in your mom’s womb and placed your nose, freckles, lips and determined the size of your height to My specifications because I saw it as good. In fact, I am enthralled by your beauty. I did not only create your physical appearnace but I placed so much on the inside of you that when you let it shine, you will bless your generation. Do not let your light be dimmed but let it shine. Even if you have allowed your weight slip, I want you to accept yourself as you are and focus on nurturing your body. That way you will adopt a healthy lifestlye and exercise. It depends on how much you respect yourself. Have a good attitude and the outward results will be amazing.

Love Dad.

Ask any psychologist or fitness expert and they will tell you that you first need to love your body and then decide on the goals you want to reach when losing weight. This has both long-term physical and psychological benefits.

I recommend you exercise, drink plenty of water, change your diet if you are eating food that is expanding your waist line and just do it for YOURSELF. Say these words with me, ” I make peace with my thighs and I vow to take care of my body for the sake of peace, serenity and my duty towards God”. Have a Kit- Kat. LOL. Be blessed ladies!

Image derived from: http://www.cadencehealth.com.au