Rich You Part 5

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This is the final article in the ‘Rich You’ series. I would like to finish off by challenging you to do something new, something for yourself.

Before I do so, I want to talk about investing in the stock market. I would advise you to do so but you must be very wise and look out for your own money. I am not going to go into detail, I want you to take the initiative and do your research. Find out about the stock exchange in your country. Make an appointment with a stock broker and find look at the companies that are listed. If you live in Botswana, I am going to give you a little bit of information.

Go and visit Stockbrokers Botswana, at Letshego House, Main Mall. You can go in and the lady at the reception desk will kindly escort you to someone who will be of good service. Consultation is free. Opening an account is free; you just need to bring your ID. You only need to bring money once you are ready to trade.


I am giving you an assignment and I want you to complete it. If you really take yourself seriously you will most likely attempt at completing it.

1. Take an hour to think about what you really want out in life. Write it down clearly.

2. Think of ways in which you can accumulate wealth, provided they are legal.

3. Do your market research. Are your plans feasible? If not, think of ways that you can make them feasible. Listen to me, God is a God of possibilities. Whatever your gifts and talents, use them, even if it means you have to move to another country.

4. Write out your vision.

5. Spend the next year networking with people in your chosen field who have made it. Read, read and read more! Find a mentor.

6. Become financially literate.


I wish you the best of luck in all that you plan to accomplish. May the God who gives wisdom to us liberally, if you ask, bless you and cause you shine.

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Rich You Part 3

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Today we are looking at the power of envisioning a rich future for yourself. This is a very critical step as planning your way to retiring young and rich will save you a lot of time and will give you a clear direction which you should follow.

The truth of the matter is, many people desire a rich future but do not fit it into their reality. The same goes for an overweight woman trying to lose weight without fitting it into her reality- she is most likely to give up when at her first setback. Many people say, “Someday I will be rich, someday I will buy property…someday someday someday”. In reality, your future is created by what you do today. This is not to say that you must randomly apply for a loan and buy a 2 bedroomed apartment, trying to rent it. I am simply talking about the principle of asking yourself what you can do today that will help you reach your financial goals tomorrow.

Let me give you an example. I want to invest in real estate and at a certain age,I want to own hundreds of rental units. Right now, because I am fairly new at the game, so I have decided that the best thing I can do for myself is educate myself on real estate. After writing down my goals,  I practise the positive habits. So because I am currently practising these habits, it will lead me to more positive developments. Below is a list of the things I do to educate myself on growing wealth for the type of venture I aim to go into.

1. Each week I listen to at least two teachings of financial literacy videos on Youtube, by people such as Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and many others.

2. I know a few real estate investors who are performing at optimum levels, here in Botswana. I recently secured a meeting with one, who happens to be my uncle’s best friend. He has kindly agreed to become my real estate mentor. 

3. I read books about real estate in Southern Africa.

4. I am going to read about the tax laws in Botswana.

5. I read the Advertiser everyday and shop around for great investment deals; particularly the two and three bedroom apartments. I am going to find a friend drive around to the top 10 offers I find so that I can start practising on how to analyse properties.

I believe that you too can use some of my guidelines. This will not only help you to recognise the best deals in town but will grow your awareness and real estate will become a part of your reality.

You can change your reality by changing your plans, thoughts, words and your daily actions. You also need to learn how to read financial statements and shop for investments that will bring you a cashflow. One such avenue is real estate. In urban areas the demand for real estate is rising rapidly, and in a city such as Gaborone it is actually a good idea to start investing in real estate because of the influx of foreigners coming in due to the Foreign Direct Investment initiative of the Government.

I want you to take some time after reading this to sit at a quiet spot and do not allow anyone to distract you. Write up a plan on how rich you want to become, you must be specific. Then you must figure out, based on what you would enjoy, a list of the types of investments in which you would like to venture . Research is key. Decide which you will go for and then write out a plan. Do not forget to include at which age you want to have P25 million for example. This is what you must do in order to really begin your quest at becoming rich.

Teachings inspired by Robert Kiyosaki from the book “Retire Young Retire Rich” with Sharon L. Lechter. Please visit and check out Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Woman videos on Youtube. If you want to empower yourself, you must take action, girlfriend. 

Rich You Part 1

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I have been reading and absorbing a lot of material from Robert Kiyosaki, and it is amazing how you will learn a lot of valuable insights regarding making money, long term. For the next couple of weeks, I will be focusing on strategies, thinking patterns and ways which wealthy people behave and conduct their businesses. The most important thing is to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Yes, be mindful of what you want in future. Failure to plan, is a plan to fail. The Bible clearly states that one should, “… Write the vision down and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”. Habakkuk 2:2-3.

So it is important to write down your financial goals and your exit strategy- whether you want to exit poor, middle-class, affluent, rich or super-rich. When you write what you want you will be able to make a plan, and search for interesting ventures in which to invest.

So where do we start?

You have to start with the leverage of your mind. Your reality is what will determine how far your context expands or remain . As Rich Dad states, rich people do the same things poor and middle class people do, except they shop for businesses, investments, real estate, stocks, bonds and other business opportunities. Poor and middle class people shop for discounts all the time. You should understand that many rich people started off with nothing. The thing that set them apart from the rest of their struggling companions is, instead of saying, “I can’t afford this property”, they said, “How can I afford this property?”.

As the first article in the ‘Rich You’ series, I want to focus on a few ways of leverage and how they are beneficial for building your wealth. After reading these lessons I agreed wholeheartedly with Mr. Kiyosaki. Please take a moment to really absorb what you are about to read and decide what you want.


If you do not respect your health you may as well forget enjoying a fulfilling and rich life. Your health is actually a pre-requisite to enjoying a lot of things in life. For example, if you continue smoking, drinking and getting few hours of sleep and you do not exercise, eat whatever you want you are harming your health. Eventually you will lose energy, you will become sick, attract negative friends and energy and then instead of enjoying your retirement you will spend all the money you invested on hospital bills.


It is important to have scholastic and professional education, but FINANCIAL EDUCATION IS A MUST. A person who graduates with little financial education will be surpassed by someone with financial education. A high paying job with little financial education will put the person in deep debt. Financial education will help you retire young and rich- also, it will help you to seek out opportunities that others cannot see.


Relationships are so important here. If your friends cannot see beyond the norm then you have to start hanging out more often, with people who are looking to become wealthy. If you date or marry someone who does not want to become wealthy then you sticking around, may hinder you to a large extent. I am not saying you must break up with that person. I am simply trying to show you that decision making, if you are married will be more difficult. Remember that the rich have an OPPOSITE mindset to how most people think. Someone with a RICH MINDSET is willing to sacrifice a few years, using their money to invest in long term projects, as opposed to someone with a POOR MINDSET, who believes in higher job wages and squandering money as soon as he/she gets it, in fear that it will not always be around. Imagine a couple with different mindsets. That’s a recipe for disaster. And stay away from naysayers. Expand your mind.


Find the right tools. The internet is a powerful form of leverage. Use it to your advantage. Whatever forms of leverage you can use, take advantage of.

Spare Time

What do you do in your spare time? Do you spend most of it in frivolity or pursuing the things which you aspire to have? Think about how much time you waste doing nothing at all. It is your future at stake. Make the necessary changes and decide what you want.

Guidelines taken from “Retire Rich, Retire Young” by Robert Kiyosaki  with Sharon L. Lechter.

She aint no Gold Digger!

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After much research and asking for people’s opinions, I finally have an idea of how men feel about women and money, and vice-versa. In fact, this article is going to explore some of the reasons why women say they would not settle down with a man who is broke, and how men think that women are actually after their money. I will begin by giving reasons why I chose to write this article and will close with MY opinion. This is definitely an interesting read so ladies (and gentlemen if you dare), enjoy this one!


So while I am talking about this, do not get me wrong. I would marry a man while he is still performing on average, but not if he is not working towards a larger vision for the future. I recently began to open my eyes about the subject of money; particularly money and security. The interest sparked when I listened to a well-known South African Platinum-digger  ramble on about why she would never settle with a broke man. Though I do not agree with her methods of acquiring money, I believe that deep down every woman wants and needs security from the man she chooses to marry. It is a simple truth which cannot be denied that as women, when we are proposed to, we need to know that even if we bring a contribution to the marriage table, that the man is in a position to make sure that we move into his house, he has a car and that he can his bills. Traditionally, this is how it has been done for a long time but suddenly because women now can afford to purchase a Range Rover, a lot of men have decided to take a backseat. I know that in this materialistic world, the past decade has produced GOLD DIGGERS and it is not fair for the guys. I am completely against that. Yet, why is it that when a hard-working woman who can hold her own, when she says she will not marry a broke man… why is that a problem? And why are men increasingly become suspicious of females? I recently asked people to answer those questions for me and here is what the ladies had to say. These respondents are from diverse cultural backgrounds, races, but are more or less in the same generation group.


Most women certainly do not entertain the idea. Every woman that I asked responded by saying that she needs to feel secure with a man, and in fact is looking for someone who has a larger vision for his life. Not only will this help the marriage, but it will also make the children feel proud of their dad. Another point that struck me is, all of these women are people who are making it on their own and already have Masters Degrees, some Honours Degrees, others are even working and taking care of themselves. These women, who feel that they have invested too much of their time in their goals do not want to settle for a mediocre man. Other women stated that one of the biggest causes of divorce is due to financial difficulties. Others said that if they bring something to the table, they do not want a man who is going to bring only a tenth just because she is in a position to bring in a lot. The only lady who said she would, because love is love, also said that she knows that there are male users nowadays. One lady said that she believes that women have been conditioned to settle for less and that because men tend to frown upon women who want men with big goals (maybe because of gold diggers), women choose to settle. She also added that she would never settle for a broke man because she is going places and it is common sense to settle down with someone who is financially stable. In general, these women also agreed that money cannot buy love, but it WILL pay the bills AND the school fees.



The largest respond was a resounding YES. The gentlemen who agreed to contribute spoke about how they cannot pick up a women driving a cheap car, how money makes the world go  round and that women notice men with money. One who made me laugh said he knows that the woman in his life is certainly not after money because of his dry pockets. I suppose what he was trying to tell me is, Neo, I found a woman who loves me for me. One even went as far as saying that if a man pretends he has money the ladies will come flocking. However, one gentleman said that it is unfair to paint all women with one brush and it is not absolute that all women are  after a man’s money. Apparently, men can still find genuine love. Another gentleman said that women who are after money are after security and that is so shallow.


Any woman in her right mind wants security, especially those who are going to be home makers, without having to work, how else will they survive? Any intelligent woman who has found her passion for life and is working to make ends meet on her side will not settle for a man who wants to feed off of her or is not ambitious to even work harder. I believe that women should not have to compete with their husbands economically, but at the rate that the world is going, it is sad that this is happening. I am aware that there are gold-diggers lurking our streets and these women really just need to get a J.O.B. I do not respect what they are doing. I also believe that men should be careful then with who they will spend their money on, but must not paint all of us with the same brush and be stinging towards their wives, or not give a woman a chance simply because he fears she will take his money. If men are as smart as they claim to be then they can sniff a gold digger from miles away. Ladies, I encourage each one of you to keep shining and to hold your own. It is an amazing thing that you attract who you are. Once a man sees that you respect yourself, you can take control of your own life and that you act responsibly, when he is serious about you he will have no problem taking care of you once you two have settle down.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to those of you who contributed to the compilation of this article. God bless.

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Have you ever dreamt of living out of debt? Would you like to travel, own fun toys (like quad bikes or an Aston Martin perhaps!) or be able to donate loads of money to your favourite charity?

Many people still live under the impression that by becoming a Chartered anything, or by having a string of degrees and successfully climbing up the corporate ladder, saving in a retirement fund and just hoping their children will take care of them at old age secures their futures. It was true in the olden days yes, but at a time where the global economy is unstable, there is retrenchment and inflation rates increase, it will be rather difficult for anybody to live off a retirement fund comfortably. I promise you that, lady.

Let us be honest for a minute. We live in a material world and we all want ‘nice’ things. However, in order to acquire those things, we need MONEY. And money is not supposed to be stagnant; like a water current it flows continuously. As long as you have a job (and I pray you find a great one), your income is dependant on your efforts, and you are always at risk. If your company retrenches you, you have no more income. These are words of wisdom by Robert Kiyosaki.  Does this mean you must up and leave your job and tell your boss to go fly a kite?NO. It means that while you have your job as your basic means of income, take some capital and invest your time and energy into a second form of income. This is Passive Income. It refers to the money you make, after an initial investment, which keeps flowing into your account without any effort.

According to Arnfried Klein-Verner, the average person will need to save 15% of their gross income for the next 40 years, in order to live comfortably for retirement. And to be honest I really do not have that much time, considering my goals.

There are many forms of passive income but you have to be careful as well, because most systems out there will not give you your best. Of course it takes effort on your part initially, but after about two years you can sit back and watch your money flow in huge amounts. When you have about two to three forms of passive income, it is easier to get the mortgage paid faster, bills paid on time, open a school fees fund (if you have children), get weekly massages and manicures, buy the best clothes, finance your own company, do a lot of philanthropic work, take a Euro trip.. opportunities are unlimited. You just have to use wisdom and make sure that any profits you get you must INVEST in something stable, and longterm. I am going to list well-known forms of passive income and then there will be a link posted where you can download a free E-Book which will give you deep, insightful information. Please do consider this carefully if you want financial freedom.

Forms of Passive Income

1. Bank Interest

2. Rental Property

3. Royalty Income

4. Subscription Income

5. Benefitting from Other’s Efforts

6. Network Marketing

7. Internet Sales

8. Affiliate Marketing

If you are really interested, visit the following web page: and request for the HOW TO CREATE WEALTH Ebook. Good luck!

Save that money

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I do not know about you but I want financial freedom, yet I am in bondage to a certain extent; the sin of frivolous spending!
We have all been wired to think differently about money, in fact money is a free-flowing agent that reveals our true character. When I look back to my college days I see a girl who spent money recklessly; most of the time on the wrong pursuits. I see that my financial blueprint was wired incorrectly and I wanted to buy things because I wanted to keep up with the Joneses. In all honesty I think if I had invested in myself more I would have quite a lot MORE saved.
It is never too late to start saving, even if its saving P1.50 that you would have bought a cigarette with (if you have a smoking habit, GET A PIGGY BANK so that you do not squander those coins!). A wise person once said that for every P10 you spend, save a buck. That sounds  too small but it makes a huge difference. Even saving P100 per month with an interest rate, compounded over time can make a significant difference. How does saving benefit one? Go to the bank and get some financial advice.

1. On a rainy day you have funds.

2. You can save up  for a great holiday.

3. After saving at an attractive interest rate, you can use that money to invest in something better.

4. Saving teaches you discipline, and the rewards are far greater than having spent that money doing something impulsive.

Obviously there is a huge difference between saving and investing, but ultimately you should begin with saving. I am challenging myself to start saving – I want to learn how to control my spending habits and to take control of my destiny.