eYe Candy – Sizwe Dhlomo

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We first knew this man as the first ever MTV Base VJ in October 2005 – on the popular, MTV Base World Chart Express. Since then this man has wowed ladies with his good looks and charm. According to those who work with him, he is a very shy man – well honsetly I wouldn’t care if he were shy or over the top; he is still hott!

This Durbanite was born July 21, 1983 . Dhlomo gave up his promising career as a computer programmer and has been MTV Base’s coverage for the MTV European Music Awards and MTV Base UNCENSORED. This star has interviewed mega stars such as AKON, JOHN LEGEND and BRICKS. Not bad for an unknown computer nerd.

Source: TVSA.COM



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Hello ladies, welcome to Ezahlady – which is part of the EzahRepublic brand. In short, ‘Ezah’ is about attaining the true essence that is endowed to you, as a woman, by our Creator. In a world that is saturated with many images of how we are supposed to behave, what clothes we are supposed to wear, what defines us – it is very easy to rule out the inner voice that is crying out to be recognised. Along the way, especially in our adolescent years we can lose who we are. Nevertheless, it is never too late to regain our personal power which we have so easily given away. I am here to coach and mentor you, (I am also on a journey of my own), in your spiritual, financial, physical and mental lives. It is not easy growing up, nor is it easy finding the basis of who you are. Yet, you are a GEM – God’s Exquisite Maiden – and you can and will go far in life!

So I would like for you to read the content and leave comments if they add to the quality of the website. Remember that I welcome and encourage you to participate – and also, if you feel that any of the material have helped you please do not hesitate to email me on neomolefe@live.co.uk. I look forward to writing more and inspiring all the ladies to really enjoy their lives! Go and get em girls!

The different type of guys

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Over the years, I have studied men. Besides being interesting and exciting they can also come with a lot of problems. lol. One thing I noticed is that there are 8 main profiles – and whether you are in Lagos, Johannesburg, Gaborone or Harare, most men will fall into one of these profiles. Ladies, before you choose your next man, consider the following and choose which suits you best.

1. The beer swigger

When taking you on dates, alcohol will always be involved. He may take you to Primi Piatti, Linga Longa or even  a tavern if he had the nerve. Known as the life of the party, he would over  emphasize more on drinks than eats – or if at all he eats it will be a huge plate of spicy ribs. Know that he will get drunk every time – in different degrees though. When you first start dating he is okay; when he lets his hair down he is not ok.

Pros: I guess you will have ‘fun’.

Cons: He will eventually sponge off of you and will hardly buy you anything.


2. The Sex addict

This guy will only focus on your legs, thighs and what he wants to do to you. There will be very little intellectual talk, he exaggerates how hot you are and he doesn’t notice that you actually have a brain.

Pros: If you like sex you will have plenty.

Cons: Truth be told, you are just a booty call with a title.


3. The Casanova

This guy can charm the devil out of hell. He says all the right things, tells you how you remind him of a beautiful sunset (yeah I heard that once), and will be quite affectionate. Usually the dude will tell you how much he respects women…how he will treat you like a queen… the likes.

Pros: You have to admit, a little bit of flattery never hurt anybody.

Cons: Trust me when I say this, he is saying that to at least 2 of your friends!


4. The popular guy

This man will chase you until he gets you; I have to hand it to him, he has tenacity! He will tell you how he likes women with beauty and brains… and he will take you out… he will call… but the calls get fewer after he gets what he wants.

Pros: This guy is good entertainment and generally interesting to talk to.

Cons: You will get horrible stares from all types of women and he WILL break your heart. Oh, and a week after he ‘lets you go’ he will have a better looking girl on his arm. Just remember that you were just ‘a breath of fresh air’…


5. The all-rounded man

This man is good looking, has a sense of humour, holds intelligent conversations, is extremely polite and is ambitious. He goes to the extent that other people are not willing to go. He will make you feel good and he will be honest with you when he needs to be. Also, he has boundaries and is usually a spiritual person.

Pros:This is the kind of man you want to marry.

Cons: There aren’t any… but everyone has their own set of flaws.


6. Swaggerlicious

This man is cool, funny, entertaining, ambitious and has good taste. He usually won’t hit on just any woman; you have to have swagg too lady!

Pros: He will definately make you feel like a princess, he knows just what to say.

Cons: He can be a bit too demanding.


7. The God-fearing man

Im not talking about those overly religious guys who wont talk about life – I  am referring to a man who has a relationship with Christ. This man respects the ‘no sex before marriage’ and he would never force you to do something out of your will. He is funny, kind, courteous, ambitious, hard working, honest, gorgeous,  respectful and he will encourage you to live a healthy, balanced life.

Pros: Marriage material.

Cons: Like I said before, everyone has their own set of flaws. But wouldn’t you rather have a man you know would not cheat on you even if he were tempted?


8. The possessive man

This guy is just too much! He always calls to make sure you are at home. He can become abusive – both physically and emotionally. He doesn’t even deserve to be called a man – he stops you from hanging out with your friends and if you are seen with a male you might as well kill yourself before he does. He always wants you to be at a place where he can spy on you… the list is endless but basically he is just an insecure guy.



SO make up your mind, girl. Of course you will find guys who have mixed profiles but whatever you decide, choose a man who will like you just as you are and who is God-fearing, confident, determined and attractive. Also choose someone who will complement your strengths… do not sell yourself short ever again!

Lady, you are SPECIAL

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Woman, you are special, an incredible gift from the Almighty. We have all been painted uniquely by His mighty hand; all the intricate details put in place. Your hands, thighs, legs and nose are all a special trait that only you can posssess, lady. You were brought forth from the rib of a special man that God Himself has handpicked for you; so stay true to yourself and wait for your other half. Yet, bear in mind that while you are waiting, you do not need any other man to complete you; inside of you lies everything that you will ever need to have a fabulous life. Get on your knees and pray for guidance; pray first for WISDOM, that you willl be able to make the right decisions in your relationships, finances, and mental wellbeing. Ask and you shall receive.

If you are a girl trapped in a horrible past do not despair; what lies behind is dead and gone. Your best life yet, is soon to come. What is the point of agonising over events which will never repeat themselves again? The future is full of possibilites and the present is real time –  work towards acquiring knowledge and implemeting it into your life to create that magnificent future you dream of. If you have to let GO of certain things or certain people, do so. There is nobody more important than yourself, when you are seeking self-development, because nobody will do it for you. Allow yourself to put your faith in God who is never changing. Society will dictate to you how you must be, what you must wear.. how you should act, who you should date… but have you ever asked YOURSELF what YOU want? When you begin to do that you will realise that the only opnion that matters is that of yourself. Be good to yourself, and invest time in yourself. There is nothing worng with doing that. Stay blessed.

Hmmm Bad Habit

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Anyone who has listened to Maxwell’s ‘Bad Habit’ should know how easy it is to get entangled in a dangerous love affair, especially if the person has managed  to get a hold of you so much you find it hard to let go. The sex is always exciting, there are many exciting thrills and the pleasure is just endless. Some people call them flings, others say ‘we just kicking it’ and well, others just don’t give it a title.

Do you have a ‘BAD HABIT?’ I have discovered that the ladies do it a lot nowadays. It can be very easy for some girls to meet a charming fella who has the right car, the right swag and lets not lie – the looks. An added bonus is when he exudes confidence and he makes you feel good when you are with him. SO, you become interested and then eventually one thing leads to the next… you are having sex on the regular and you go everywhere with him, but you remain without a title. Hmm….

Okay I know that its okay to have a fling if you are not into the whole relationship thing, but to what extent is it really okay for us ladies? Even if you are not one of those lassies who will want to get with the guy eventually, wouldn’t it hurt you if he suddenly walked out of the picture… I think it is a BAD HABIT when you keep going back to someone who is not giving you what you would have originally wanted and that fact that you agree with it, makes it hard to point fingers. If you have a BAD HABIT or you ARE one, take time to reconsider the negative consequences it will have on you.. perhaps you can handle misty windows and late nights… but if you know that you have no control over your feelings STEP OUT OF IT GIRL!

Hello world!

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Welcome to the world of EZAH! This is where we discuss all things feminine; including relationships, hot spots, fashion, spirituality, money, entertainment, and blogs, blogs, blogs. I figured that we need an outlet sometimes, to just say what is on our minds and just talk about whatever is on our hearts – as women of course. I want this to be a fun space where we all voice our opinions on matters of concern; issues, real issues that we face as young women. Ezahlady is fun and exciting and should not be limited to the conventional style of doing things.