The Psychology of Success

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Brian Tracy, a multi millionaire and Sales and Business coach, has compiled an awesome audio book about the psychology of success. Please listen to it and you will feel inspired to really reach your goals. Comment and tell me how it was.


So… its a new year

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Its a new year, and we are already past halfway January. Many of us have goals we are in pursuit of but do not know how to begin or where to even look for direction.

Through trial and error, failures and successes I have come to the conclusion that the best thing you can do for yourself is to get going. Take action. However, learn all that you can about your specific area of interest before you go ahead and take the plunge. Learn how to make calculated risks. If it is advice that you need, seek it out from those who are thriving at what you are doing.

Never sit back in defeat. Get up, and start moving now!

Your Money Blueprint

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Please listen to T. Harv Eker’s advice about changing your financial blueprint. Let this be a great start to your year.

Make It A Good One

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Am I the only one who had a very challenging 2012? I do not believe so but I know that 2013 will hold something different on one condition: If I prepare myself mentally to make it a good year by making a plan and taking action. 

From years and years of making New Years Resolutions I have decided to quit doing that because I noticed where I was going wrong, and so I am going to teach you a lesson today. Hopefully you will understand.

If you want to make a real change in your life you must first state what you want and be prepared to work at it. No matter how big or small, be prepared to focus your thoughts on that specific thing and make sure that your actions are in alignment with your intentions. The biggest mistake you can make is writing a list of ten things you want to achieve in your next year because you are probably going to keep the piece of paper locked away somewhere in your bedroom and let your whole year pass you by, so here is a simple formula:

1. Take some time, about a week, before 2013, relax and really think about what you need to get done in order for your life to improve. Note, I said NEED. Oftentimes we want to achieve goals that will satisfy our gratifications and there is nothing wrong with that but if the most critical things are never sorted you will always be in the same place. If you have a debt that needs to be paid off that should be top of your list and should be paid off in 2013.

2. Write out a specific plan in which you intend to sort it out. This is very important. When you plan and organize your thoughts God gives you the wisdom to figure out how to tackle the entire process. 

3. Stick your plan where you can see it every single day – when it is visual, your sub-conscious mind will act upon it.

4. Motivate yourself – get a collection of motivational books, free Youtube downloads… anything you need that will keep you motivated. When you are not motivated you lack the enthusiasm to carry on when it is difficult.

5. Have someone to be accountable for you. Please, let this be someone who has gone through the very thing you want to achieve. That person will have enough patience to be accountable for you.

Well, that is it from me this year, it is now Festive Season, the time to enjoy and relax from all our hard labours. Please promise yourself that you will set goals, important goals for 2013 and that you will go out and achieve them.

To your success, love, happiness and prosperity,


Start Over

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I was thinking about many things that I feel I have not achieved and I felt a bit disheartened, considering the fact that I had either put in a lot of effort or my efforts were jeopardized. For the past five years I have attempted to continue projects that I thought would work but they did not, to the point where I almost gave up. Until one day someone told me that successful people fail a lot before they actually make that ‘big break’ because they have learned through trial and error what it takes to make it. 

Let me encourage you to keep going no matter what. Sometimes people can discourage you and you may feel weak because you have nothing to show for financially. But what do you have though, that distinguishes you from the rest? What sets you apart? Use those gifts and people will begin to notice. You can learn a new skill, get a new hobby, take up a new class. Whatever it is; it can be achieved. I encourage you to keep moving no matter what. 

Take Care of Yourself FIRST

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Too often we have a false sense of responsibility and we try to take care of everyone else, and neglect ourselves.  There is nothing wrong with helping people but if you are out of balance and you allow people to control you and make them happy first, you need to quit that and take time out for yourself. Take care of yourself. If you are going around upset and discouraged it is because you have made the mistake of taking a false sense of responsibility. Quit trying to be the keeper of the universe, you can’t force people to make the right decisions so just give them over to God.

So make a choice to put yourself first and make yourself happy.

Stay fresh!

Small changes = BIG results

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When all hell is breaking loose and you are only one step off, most of the time you think of giving up, isn’t that true of most people? 

I want you to do a little exercise. Sit straight on a chair, back straight head and chest lifted and say the words, “Yes I can’How does that make you feel? Note the way you seem so confident and note how it affects your mind in this posture. Now, drop your head and your chest and again, repeat the words, “Yes I can”. Now notice the difference.You may not feel as confident in what you say. Did you notice that the small change in your posture made all the difference in your belief system?

If you are in a state of certainty and all hell is breaking loose, that is the one thing that can guarantee that things will work out and here is why I say this. There are things that we cannot control, such as the environment, the economy and the decisions our governments take. So while you are trying to reach your goals these factors are going to affect you psychologically, especially because 99% of the population is so negative. Yet, if you programme your mind for confidence in what you are doing it makes all the difference.

What about your strategy? What small change can you implement that will make all the difference? Lets take a look at this example. Did you know that when you are baking a double chocolate cake, 10 degrees in temperature makes a difference of how the cake will not only turn out but also taste? Just 10 degrees makes the difference between a winner and a loser of a cake. A split second makes a difference in who will take the gold medal in a 100m race. If you make small changes to the way you organise your day that can radically change your results in as little as 5 weeks. For example, have you noticed that people who write down their daily goals get more done than those who do not? I know a gentleman who worked everything from his diary .. he literally would choose the days he would work his different goals and each day he worked on a different subject like his skills, public speaking, finances… until two years later his income went from four to six figures!

So think about the small changes that you can make that will make all the difference in your life. I promise you, it is worth it. Remember that our daily actions, compounded over time brings the end result. I suggest you take a look at the article I wrote yesterday, Can I Really Have More Time if you haven’t already done so.

Until next time, be blessed.

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